June 29, 2012

Google's "Penguin" and "Panda" update change SEO as we Know it!

What exactly are this Panda and Penguin updates I see about in forums or when I here from SEO guys and how does it affect normal companies with websites? Google has gone to some pretty extreme measures lately to change their algorithm that drives their search engine results. These results are called SERP scores and can have huge effects on any company. If you say a Miami Real Estate company that has dominated the main keyword Miami Real Estate for years and all of a sudden you are not in the first page odds are that either the panda update, the penguin update or both hit you and significantly hurt your SERP score. If on the other hand you were page one for Miami Breast Implants and you still are that is excellent news. It means that whatever you have done to get it page 1 is considered acceptable SEO practices by Google and you have been rewarded or left untouched. There is also the possibility that the way you have created you SERP scores was exactly what Google wanted and as other websites that had been previously ahead of you dropped due to the changes and now you are higher than ever. As the premier SEO Miami company it is critical that we have the clients best interest. With so many other SEO miami companies out there that promise everything under the sun, a business owner needs to do some real research. With the changes to Google and the new changes that Google says they will implement around contextual marketing. We would recommend a robust SEO marketing company that has experience in this and can PROVE that their clients were untouched in the last two updates. Odds are their clients took a major hit. Odds are they still have not figured out how to take an OK ranked site and get it to the top 3 and even less that they can take a new website and get it on page 1 in 90 days. Please send an email to Peter at Deliverabilities if you have nay questions about your website and how we can help get your SERP scores to the top 3 as quickly as possible.

January 12, 2012

What are Some Secrets to Market Domination in the Shrinking Market

It is advisable to note that for almost 99% on the markets out there these markets are indeed downsizing. The economic crisis in the US and Europe over the last 5 various plus years possesses affected almost every industry no matter where it is and also how much a niche it has. http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Are their industry market domination exceptions to this? The answer is of course indeed, but they are far in addition to few between then one could argue that all these markets grew in the expense of a number of becoming less, decaying or even death markets.

True marketplace domination has to do with taking over and controlling industry as a whole. This can be done using a small scale such as a regional Pizza company containing great pizza, is actually aggressive in rates and marketing and it has all of the main Search engines keywords around chicken wings and the location. This includes Google places and also Google organic looks. People could argue that a demand for pizza proceeded to go up not decrease due to various good reasons, but upon additional reflection one can identify that the costs of goods moved up considerably along with the price per pizzas has gone down. The profits model has changed as well as market domination strategy is to grab a larger business of a shrinking target make up for loss in actual profitability. It has yet another indirect effect involving eliminating other area pizza companies that were getting by but the aggressiveness and change in profitability type has forced these phones shut their entrance doors. Another indirect result is that their piece of the market cake will get divided by way of the number of players in the market.

For a medium size company market place domination in a diminishing market is a bit distinct but much the same. Let’s have a look at say a carrier size transportation company that rent rental buses. This is a very investment intensive industry while using cost of the buses, labor and expanding gasoline. The fixed costs are a huge deal and also the company that can hold their buses on the way to not only cover set expenses but yank in a bit of gain will have huge rewards over their competition. In this situation it is easy to see that they won't have nearly as very much competition in their geographic area as a Pizza firm does, but while doing so the rules of market domination in a shrinking market apply. As one particular alpha company chose to become the aggressive gambler they will capture any chunk of the downsizing market pie. Similar towards Pizza example Google is becoming so impressive tool for being uncovered they implement a market domination strategy to individual every single Google search term that a potential purchaser would consider. They following cut expenses that are useless such as Phone book print ads or other types of marketing and advertising that is antiquated as well as cause ROI. They as well invest in a robust social networking campaign to show how professional they are and grow a leader in eco-friendly busing. The market is shrinking and also the profits are smaller but they also survive the nuclear winter while their competition, their equipment along with employees do not. The oblique result is that their industry is up for grab, that this company could purchase used apparatus at a fraction of the cost and that they could hire some of the different companies’ main employees.

The ideal example I can allow for a large firm happens to be the largest organization in the world called Wal-Mart. As providers go out of business left and right, Wal-Mart evolves and grows building small amounts but ever increasing its volume. The costs for Wal-Mart are so cut-throat that even prospects that sincerely don't like the company feel expected to shop there greatly assist economic situation. Companies that would never want to get locked in a dangerous contract together with the giant do so to survive by making volume plus almost no profit one mega customer. Frequently these companies can no longer offer goods to other companies and they also become 100% reliant to the whims of Wal-Mart of course, if and when Wal-Mart changes prices or stops operations with the company they're left to crumble. Wal-Mart has destroyed additional companies that most globe wars. They have taken light beer War and full market domination for the ultimate level. They find out they can survive, increase and profit upon slim margins…can you?

February 10, 2011

United First Financial Sells Out Agents to Another MLM Market America

Recently it has been announced that the once fast growing MLM company, United First Financial will be selling it's down line and a white labeled Money Merge Account system to another MLM company, Market America for an undisclosed amount of money. This is just another sad examples of MLM companies with way too much power to be able to change with a stroke of a pen the lives of thousands of people with as of ye,t no penalty.

Imagine for a minute spending years building a down line and building residual income for yourself and your family to get an email from the company that you had dedicated years of your life for, that all of that residual income that you had rightfully earned and your entire down line were not yours at all but simply sold to another MLM company Market America.

Talk about betrayal for the almighty dollar, and to think how much so many had scarified to make this once strong company successful. I write this article in an attempt to discuss the bigger issue. If you read this and tell yourself my company is different or that would never happen to me you are being ignorant to what these companies can do and more importantly what that terms and conditions piece of paper can do.

If you have not heard about http://Get2Help2.com you need to investigate it. We are a group of MLM professionals that have bonded together to come together as a group without any fees to bring justice to the MLM industry.

Almost every profession has some type of Union or groups of people working together for their basic rights except the MLM industry. Because of greed and the jumping ship mentality Networks frequently sign up and then quit and jump from ship to ship never really sticking together as group and demanding results and changes in our industry.

Imagine some sort of collective bargaining agreement in the MLM world. imagine as they are speaking about Football, if all MLM people stopped their autoships and stopped recruiting, even for a month? Do you not think the owners of these companies would lose millions and billions of dollars and be forced to listen to our fair and basic rights plea.

We want the ability to have multiple positions in multiple companies with no risk of taking our positions away.

We want the ability to speak with anyone in our down line without the possibility of repercussions.

We want the ability to sell our positions should the compensation plan change or we simply feel like it.

We want the ability to force a greedy money grubbing company like United First Financial to pay to the agents their just residual commissions instead of stealing them like a thief in the night using an unfair,unconstitutional terms and conditions form to hide from.

It is time any of you in the MLM world stand up for your rights and unite. http://Get2Help2.com is completely free. We focus on the rights to all MLM people and to protecting our down lines indefinitely and lastly creating multiple residual income streams indefinitely,

Peter Celnicker Once Top 5 earner in United First Financial and now embarrassed to see what has become of a company that we thought had integrity and principles.

Debt Settling Tips - Is Debt Settlement the Right Strategy for You?

Debt is serious problem for many Americans. From credit card to student loans it seems almost everybody is affected by debt. Some people choose not to answer their phone when debt collectors call and just hope that the problem will go away. Well the debt won't go away and neither will the debt collectors so people have to be proactive about the problem.

Many who go about trying to settle debt try to do so themselves. They may have little experience in trying to negotiate to settle debts and can make matters worse for themselves by agreeing to pay the debt plus high penalties. Some who try settling debt on their own end up also paying those who a company has hired to collect those debts. This is an expense that a person in debt should not even consider taking on.

People that are in debt often get letters in the mail from collection companies that buy their debt. Usually when it gets this far it is already reported on your credit report. This can cause your credit score to take a serious dive. The companies that buy the debt usually do so for pennies on the dollar. You should never offer them anything near the amount of money they request you pay them to settle your debt. These debt collection agencies are really trying to turn a profit off people who don't know they will take a much lower amount of money to settle the problem.

If you feel the debt you are accused of owing is wrong, you can dispute the claim. Sometimes the lender or company that says you owe them is mistaken. Maybe you sent the last payment in and they made an accounting error. If you can prove that the debt is an error, you should attempt to do so. Why pay what you don't owe?

One of the best ways to go about settling debt is hiring a professional to help you. In many cases this professional may be an attorney. These attorneys usually have years of experience in dealing with helping clients get out of financial troubles. They can negotiate a fair settlement that makes everybody involved happy. After years of handling these cases they know all the ins and outs of how to settle debts.


About the Author:

The Author has good experience in the finance field, who has been writing on various related topics such as debt settlement & debt settlement attorney to help people understand the Debt Settlement process and help them save their home from foreclosure.

January 22, 2011

Emergency Funds: Preparing for the Bad Gives You Options

As you work to eliminate your bad debt and try to pay down your mortgage, you should also consider another method of maintaining your financial stability: that of creating and keeping an emergency fund in a separate savings account.

Why an emergency savings account, you ask? Well, the simple answer is this: having a savings account just for emergencies can protect you against having to liquidate your assets, draining your bank accounts, and cutting into your retirement fund. In other words, an emergency savings account could be enough to protect your financial stability should something terrible befall you and your family.

Of course, there's the risk that such a savings account might never be used. This is a good thing, certainly, but it would also mean that the money you had set aside won't be doing anything for you, except accruing interest. Despite this, you can still manage the account to be an emergency fund that benefits you. For example, you can try to figure out how much at the very least your comfortable having as a sum of emergency money, and the rest of the account you can put towards other short-term savings goals.

No one likes to think about the possibility of something bad happening, and yet all around us we can see evidence of what happens if there isn't a plan in place to recover. We saw this lack in the government's response to Hurricane Katrina. We saw this lack in how BP dealt with the explosion and subsequent spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And we saw this lack in New York City's response to the recent blizzard. Obviously, our lives exist on a smaller level, but that doesn't mean we cannot learn from the mistakes others, even large entities, make in not preparing for disasters.

An emergency fund gives you the freedom to make decisions regarding how you'll respond to and recover from an emergency. In the event of a natural disaster, having an emergency fund gives you the options to stay elsewhere while your house is rebuilt, and this option might exceed what insurance could give you. An emergency fund might allow you to extend your leave of absence from work should you be injured in a car accident, or it could give you access to a better kind of treatment. An emergency fund could give you the ability to help out a relative or friend who is in sudden trouble.

Really, what we have found is this: money gives us options in life. If we carefully manage our money, we give ourselves more options from which to choose as we make our way through life, and the good and bad that we will inevitably encounter. Creating an emergency fund for yourself is one way to keep your options open when the bad finally comes around.

This guest post is contributed by Raine Parker, who writes on the topics of accounting degree. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: raine.parker6@gmail.com.

December 7, 2010

Jim Rohn Teaches the Secrets to Personal Development

This is an amazing video about Jim Rohn and personal development.

If you have not see Jim Rohn you are in for a treat! Jim Rohn unfortunately is no longer with us, but his knowledge is hear to stay. He has trained some of the most famous people in the world including Tony Robins and many others. He is truly one of the most influential people ever. He is one of my idols so take my advise and pay attention to this great man and what he has to say.

October 20, 2010

How badly do you want it and what are you willing to do to get it?

Many times in life one asks oneself, "What is it going to take to make this work?"

The best answer I have ever heard is, "How badly do you want it, and what are you willing to do to get it." If you really want it then you are generally willing to pay the price to achieve your goals. The idea that results simply come to you is not accurate. Yes visualization is critical, but action is even more vital.

Over that last 2 years I have spent considerable energy analyzing MLM companies and trying to figure out what I have done right and wrong in the past in an effort to find the right company or companies where I could achieve my goals. Here is a list of the goals I want in a MLM.

  • Create a true residual income stream: That means it can't go from $50,000 a month to $2,000 in a blink of an eye.

  • Have the right to to have multiple residual income streams without risk of termination.

  • Find a way to create only one "down line" so that if I choose to have multiple income streams I do not have to start over or risk termination.

  • Have the ability to communicate with my down line whether or not I am part of the company, since it is absurd the ideas that someone cannot communicate with their friends for 2 years becuase of a unconstitutional paragraph in a independent contractors form.

  • Have the ability to sell my position should I wish to whom ever I wish without ridiculous hoop jumping, or if the company suddenly changes the compensation plan which will cost its agents rightfully earned income.

  • Have top quality training, mentoring and marketing materials without the constant approval of these companies and their annoying compliance departments.

  • Only work with companies where we can easily show a new associate how they can earn their initial investment back or cover the cost of the auto ship in less than 3 months.

As one can tell these are some lofty goals, especially if the person reading has been involved in a MLM and understands the negative sides to the MLM industry. If one is new please understand that there are truly wonderful aspects to the industry as well. The goal in this post is to share with everyone how one can take negativity and turn it into something beautiful.

How badly do you want it, and what are you willing to do to get it? Well, for me it took a while of thinking, studying, accepting, brain storming to come up with a solution. A solution that we hope will permanently change the face of the MLM industry. We know it will not happen over night, and once an ideas who time has come appears, there is nothing that can silence it.

Get2Help2.com is a 100% membership site dedicated to protect the rights and down lines of someone in Network marketing. Whether they be brand new or an experienced veteran, Get2Help2 is there for us all. As we broke down the pitfalls of the MLM industry it became apparent that everything single rule in the independent contractor form was 100% in favor of the company and not the individual. Why is that? I think it is the 2 reasons. The first is the Green Rule; "He who has the green makes the rules!" The second is that as individuals they come, divided they will fall. Yes, these companies pay us and we should be grateful for the opportunity but at the same point without us these companies are nothing!

Please pay attention here because this is the most critical point! We the associates of any Network Marketing company are the single most important asset! Not the owners, not the compensation plan and absolutely not the product! We are the asset!!!!

If we sign up as individuals they have no vested interest in our rights. We simply are an asset or a commodity. They don't know which of us will work our tails off and which of us will barley raise a hand and then quit. They know if they sign up x number of agents they will succeed. Because we sign up one at a time we never use the most powerful aspect of Network Marketing which is the power of leverage. Leverage is the ability to use assets such as sheer numbers of members to our advantage. So, if we were a group of 5,000 or 10,000 Get2Help2 members and we as a group were interested in a new opportunity does one think that Get2Help2 might be able to negotiate directly with this company to create a more fair set of rules. A set of rules that protects the MLM, and also a set of rules that protects the network marketer.

As I said in the beginning, the key is the willingness to pay the price. It took over two years to bring together the group of experienced, wise network marketers that I am working with today at Get2Help2. We all share the same vision of a group of members working together to protect our rights and just as important our down line. Can one image never having to build another down line again.

For more information about this you can email me @ peter @ celnicker.com or call me directly at 561-289-5217

September 22, 2010

Protect your Rights as a Network Marketer

It is critical for any network marketer or someone considering a new home based business opportunity to consider their rights as a network marketer. Many companies tell you that it is owning your own business. The truth is far from true. They generally sign you up as an independent distributor or a independent contractor which is a glorified employee with a 1099 instead of a w-2. What they also fail to tell you is that it is an "At Will" employment so that one of these companies can terminate your position for a great number of reasons.

Imagine working for years creating a huge down line of thousands of people and then all of sudden the company either fires you or better yet simply stops paying your overrides. The #1 reason to join a mlm opportunity is the attraction to create a long term residual income steam. Imagine that it is simply taken from you. What are you rights?

There is a company 100% dedicated to the rights of network marketers. It is a free membership site focus on training and uniting Networkers so that together we can make a change in this industry.

Click here to find out more about Get2Help2.com and why we are so impressed with this growing company.

January 22, 2009

Nobody is left behind

I can definitely say that United First Financial has come a long way over the last couple of years.

Our founders and leaders of this company must never rest. They are constantly at the drawling board just thinking up ways of how we can better serve our new and existing clients that are using the Money Merge Account Program.

U1st has just recently announced that we are now able to finance the Money Merge Account Program. Yes the program is still an investment of $3,500, but in exchange it will often times save a home owner ten's of thousands of dollars in interest! Our average client almost always re coupes their investment within 2-6 months. Have you ever had an investment pay off that fast and start yielding? I will try not to digress to much though. What I wanted to talk about was: United First Financial is no longer leaving clients behind that do not have the funds to get started with the program. We are now able to activate clients with as little as $250 down and a payment of $95 a month. The program will actually attack this debt first so that the client will have a feeling of accomplishment in the very beginning...

January 8, 2009

Very Happy Clients!

Wow! What an amazing thing it is to work for a great company like United First Financial. I actually took most of the day yesterday to call a few of my clients and wish them all a happy new year. I was only able to call 3 of them because each conversation lasted about 2 hours. Why did these conversations last so long? I surly wasn’t expecting that myself, but they all had such great things to say to me about what the company has done for them personally and how they are spreading the word to their friends and family members.

One of my clients in particular is Barbara Williams. Barbara is a single lady who lives in Miami Florida (nice place, but boy is it expensive in certain areas) she is a postal employee, so not a rich person but has a great job and is smart with her money. We actually got Barbara on the Money Merge Account system on February 12th 2008, so she has almost been using the service for 1 year.

When I first met Barbara through a referral, she had a dream of being retired in exactly 5 years, and she had a 11 years left on her mortgage, so she had some work to do. With her Free Money Merge Account analysis I was only able to get her to a pay off of 6.7 YEARS! This was a very fast payoff but it was not good enough for Barbara because she had very high expectations. Regardless, Barbara decided to move forward with the program, she figured even though it was not 5 years it was still a start.

I have talked to Barbara a few times over this last year and she has been super satisfied with the service that she has received. I specifically asked her where she was at right now with the program and she went on to tell me she only had 1.5 years left to pay off her Mortgage and she would be totally debt free!

Barbara was so thrilled she gave me 3 of her closest friends phone numbers to call and get them started on the program. She also went on to say, and this is a direct quote from her, “Brent, I can honestly say taking the leap of faith with the Money Merge Account was the best decision I made for the whole year of 2008”.