February 10, 2011

United First Financial Sells Out Agents to Another MLM Market America

Recently it has been announced that the once fast growing MLM company, United First Financial will be selling it's down line and a white labeled Money Merge Account system to another MLM company, Market America for an undisclosed amount of money. This is just another sad examples of MLM companies with way too much power to be able to change with a stroke of a pen the lives of thousands of people with as of ye,t no penalty.

Imagine for a minute spending years building a down line and building residual income for yourself and your family to get an email from the company that you had dedicated years of your life for, that all of that residual income that you had rightfully earned and your entire down line were not yours at all but simply sold to another MLM company Market America.

Talk about betrayal for the almighty dollar, and to think how much so many had scarified to make this once strong company successful. I write this article in an attempt to discuss the bigger issue. If you read this and tell yourself my company is different or that would never happen to me you are being ignorant to what these companies can do and more importantly what that terms and conditions piece of paper can do.

If you have not heard about http://Get2Help2.com you need to investigate it. We are a group of MLM professionals that have bonded together to come together as a group without any fees to bring justice to the MLM industry.

Almost every profession has some type of Union or groups of people working together for their basic rights except the MLM industry. Because of greed and the jumping ship mentality Networks frequently sign up and then quit and jump from ship to ship never really sticking together as group and demanding results and changes in our industry.

Imagine some sort of collective bargaining agreement in the MLM world. imagine as they are speaking about Football, if all MLM people stopped their autoships and stopped recruiting, even for a month? Do you not think the owners of these companies would lose millions and billions of dollars and be forced to listen to our fair and basic rights plea.

We want the ability to have multiple positions in multiple companies with no risk of taking our positions away.

We want the ability to speak with anyone in our down line without the possibility of repercussions.

We want the ability to sell our positions should the compensation plan change or we simply feel like it.

We want the ability to force a greedy money grubbing company like United First Financial to pay to the agents their just residual commissions instead of stealing them like a thief in the night using an unfair,unconstitutional terms and conditions form to hide from.

It is time any of you in the MLM world stand up for your rights and unite. http://Get2Help2.com is completely free. We focus on the rights to all MLM people and to protecting our down lines indefinitely and lastly creating multiple residual income streams indefinitely,

Peter Celnicker Once Top 5 earner in United First Financial and now embarrassed to see what has become of a company that we thought had integrity and principles.