June 4, 2007

The Cost of the United First Financial Money Merge Account

The Money Merge Account is not free. United First Financial charges $3500 for the software to help walk a person through the process and track their results. While most people look at this as an out-of-pocket expense, the truth is most of us agents have the client borrow the money from their ALOC (a fancy name for a home equity line of credit). Gotta love America, borrow money from the bank to pay them back faster!!!

I think my brother said it best, "I know that I'm going to follow the program since I have an investment in it." Very wise words.

It is true, you can easily make extra principal payments and you will achieve similar results, but if you aren't doing it now, then when will you? Also, how long will you continue to do it and at what point will you stress yourself out because you don't have a "rainy day fund".

If you are they type of person (and you know if you are) who is the champion of half finished projects, then this program is definately right for you. The investment in the program and software will make sure you stick to the plan, won't stress yourself out and get your mortgage paid off early.