February 10, 2011

Debt Settling Tips - Is Debt Settlement the Right Strategy for You?

Debt is serious problem for many Americans. From credit card to student loans it seems almost everybody is affected by debt. Some people choose not to answer their phone when debt collectors call and just hope that the problem will go away. Well the debt won't go away and neither will the debt collectors so people have to be proactive about the problem.

Many who go about trying to settle debt try to do so themselves. They may have little experience in trying to negotiate to settle debts and can make matters worse for themselves by agreeing to pay the debt plus high penalties. Some who try settling debt on their own end up also paying those who a company has hired to collect those debts. This is an expense that a person in debt should not even consider taking on.

People that are in debt often get letters in the mail from collection companies that buy their debt. Usually when it gets this far it is already reported on your credit report. This can cause your credit score to take a serious dive. The companies that buy the debt usually do so for pennies on the dollar. You should never offer them anything near the amount of money they request you pay them to settle your debt. These debt collection agencies are really trying to turn a profit off people who don't know they will take a much lower amount of money to settle the problem.

If you feel the debt you are accused of owing is wrong, you can dispute the claim. Sometimes the lender or company that says you owe them is mistaken. Maybe you sent the last payment in and they made an accounting error. If you can prove that the debt is an error, you should attempt to do so. Why pay what you don't owe?

One of the best ways to go about settling debt is hiring a professional to help you. In many cases this professional may be an attorney. These attorneys usually have years of experience in dealing with helping clients get out of financial troubles. They can negotiate a fair settlement that makes everybody involved happy. After years of handling these cases they know all the ins and outs of how to settle debts.


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