January 8, 2009

Very Happy Clients!

Wow! What an amazing thing it is to work for a great company like United First Financial. I actually took most of the day yesterday to call a few of my clients and wish them all a happy new year. I was only able to call 3 of them because each conversation lasted about 2 hours. Why did these conversations last so long? I surly wasn’t expecting that myself, but they all had such great things to say to me about what the company has done for them personally and how they are spreading the word to their friends and family members.

One of my clients in particular is Barbara Williams. Barbara is a single lady who lives in Miami Florida (nice place, but boy is it expensive in certain areas) she is a postal employee, so not a rich person but has a great job and is smart with her money. We actually got Barbara on the Money Merge Account system on February 12th 2008, so she has almost been using the service for 1 year.

When I first met Barbara through a referral, she had a dream of being retired in exactly 5 years, and she had a 11 years left on her mortgage, so she had some work to do. With her Free Money Merge Account analysis I was only able to get her to a pay off of 6.7 YEARS! This was a very fast payoff but it was not good enough for Barbara because she had very high expectations. Regardless, Barbara decided to move forward with the program, she figured even though it was not 5 years it was still a start.

I have talked to Barbara a few times over this last year and she has been super satisfied with the service that she has received. I specifically asked her where she was at right now with the program and she went on to tell me she only had 1.5 years left to pay off her Mortgage and she would be totally debt free!

Barbara was so thrilled she gave me 3 of her closest friends phone numbers to call and get them started on the program. She also went on to say, and this is a direct quote from her, “Brent, I can honestly say taking the leap of faith with the Money Merge Account was the best decision I made for the whole year of 2008”.