September 22, 2010

Protect your Rights as a Network Marketer

It is critical for any network marketer or someone considering a new home based business opportunity to consider their rights as a network marketer. Many companies tell you that it is owning your own business. The truth is far from true. They generally sign you up as an independent distributor or a independent contractor which is a glorified employee with a 1099 instead of a w-2. What they also fail to tell you is that it is an "At Will" employment so that one of these companies can terminate your position for a great number of reasons.

Imagine working for years creating a huge down line of thousands of people and then all of sudden the company either fires you or better yet simply stops paying your overrides. The #1 reason to join a mlm opportunity is the attraction to create a long term residual income steam. Imagine that it is simply taken from you. What are you rights?

There is a company 100% dedicated to the rights of network marketers. It is a free membership site focus on training and uniting Networkers so that together we can make a change in this industry.

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