November 5, 2008

It's Finally Over! God Bless Obama!

Sorry that is post has nothing to do with the Money Merge Account and is political. I always said that three are three things you should never talk about with people if you want to avoid confrontation: money, religion, and politics. Well, I can't avoid talking about money on this blog because of my job, but I try to avoid the other two.

Anyway, I'm am so happy that Barack Obama won and we can finally get away from our miserable failure of a president. George Bush (what an idiot) has screwed us over for the past 8 years and it is time that someone young, good-willed and actually cares for the people is in the White House.

Many people I talked to didn't want to vote for Obama because he is an African-American, too inexperienced and a Democrat. Well, lets just look at those issues:

1) He is a African-American: Grow up...who cares if the man was black, white, yellow, blue, orange, get the point. We live in the year 2008 and anyone who judges someone because of the color of their skin is a jerk.

2) Too Inexperienced: As far as I'm concerned, this is a plus. This means that he hasn't been hanging around government long enough to be corrupted by every lobbyist in Washington.

3) He is a Democrat: Hey, I'm a registered Republican (Still love you, Ron Paul) and I voted for a Democrat. As far as I'm concerned, party affiliation means nothing to me, it's who is the best man for the job. Barack Obama is definately that man!

Anyway, Congratulations Barack Obama! Remember to think for the people and not for special interest groups. Make us as proud of you and be the best President this country has ever had!