June 29, 2012

Google's "Penguin" and "Panda" update change SEO as we Know it!

What exactly are this Panda and Penguin updates I see about in forums or when I here from SEO guys and how does it affect normal companies with websites? Google has gone to some pretty extreme measures lately to change their algorithm that drives their search engine results. These results are called SERP scores and can have huge effects on any company. If you say a Miami Real Estate company that has dominated the main keyword Miami Real Estate for years and all of a sudden you are not in the first page odds are that either the panda update, the penguin update or both hit you and significantly hurt your SERP score. If on the other hand you were page one for Miami Breast Implants and you still are that is excellent news. It means that whatever you have done to get it page 1 is considered acceptable SEO practices by Google and you have been rewarded or left untouched. There is also the possibility that the way you have created you SERP scores was exactly what Google wanted and as other websites that had been previously ahead of you dropped due to the changes and now you are higher than ever. As the premier SEO Miami company it is critical that we have the clients best interest. With so many other SEO miami companies out there that promise everything under the sun, a business owner needs to do some real research. With the changes to Google and the new changes that Google says they will implement around contextual marketing. We would recommend a robust SEO marketing company that has experience in this and can PROVE that their clients were untouched in the last two updates. Odds are their clients took a major hit. Odds are they still have not figured out how to take an OK ranked site and get it to the top 3 and even less that they can take a new website and get it on page 1 in 90 days. Please send an email to Peter at Deliverabilities if you have nay questions about your website and how we can help get your SERP scores to the top 3 as quickly as possible.