August 16, 2007

United First Financial Money Merge Account Helping Mortgage Brokers

In case you didn't know, I am a mortgage broker here in South Florida and have been for more then 10 years. Everyday I hear about more and more of my Lenders and fellow Mortgage Brokers going out of business. There is a real slow down in the amount of refinances and purchases (who wants to purchase a home in South Florida when the market is going down) and mortgage brokers need to change with the times.

I use to buy many mortgage leads from various companies and 97% of them never turned into a sale. Problem is most people who apply on the internet for a mortgage proposal are just checking the interest rates out and have no intension of ever doing anything. They have a good rate already so what is the use of refinancing.

But what I have found is offering these people the Money Merge Account from United First Financial is a great way to make extra income and help them out. Realistically, people refinance to save money because they think they will be married to their mortgage for the next 30 years or so. But, if they had a way to help them pay it off faster without cutting into their lifestyle, then where is the problem.

I recently meet with a company here in Florida which has many loan officers and buys a ton of internet leads a month. I told them they should get involved with the Money Merge Account and start calling on all their old leads. I know they have plenty and if a couple of them got on the Money Merge Account, it would make up for the money they lost on the mortgage leads. Plus, I'm sure the clients would be more then happy to refer more people to them for the Money Merge Account.

It is a tough environment right now for all of us in the mortgage industry and we need to change with the times. Refinancing and Purchases are really slow, so what are you going to do to stay in business, but mostly important do good for your clients? I know every client I set up on the Money Merge Account thanks me greatly for introducing this program to them and I get a lot of referrals.

If you are a mortgage broker, then give me a call at 561.756.4279 so we can talk about getting you setup to offer the Money Merge Account to your clients.