September 17, 2008

Money Merge Account Version 4.0 Features

For those of you who didn't hear, United First Financial released version 4.0 of the Money Merge Account System. This new version is great! Here are all the details:

v3.0 can still be used and those on it can upgrade if they so choose, to v4.0.

v4.0 uses ‘Factorial math’. Someone with a mortgage and only 10 debts will have 3.6 million ways to pay off that debt.

Organization of funds transfer: will tell you what to pay off, when and in what order to achieve what you want!

Almost anyone will qualify now.
* No equity — no problem.
* No appraisal – no problem.
* No credit check – no problem.
* No line of credit – no problem.

v4.0 works with a HELOC, ALOC, Credit Card, Savings & Checking account. Yes, we said SAVINGS AND CHECKING!

Introducing a ‘renters’ version (or a “Express” version), for only $1,795.00.

Those who start on the Express version, can upgrade at any time by simply paying the difference.

UFirst will also finance the Money Merge Account™ now–both the full version and the EXPRESS version.

* Full version is $2000 down + $75/mo. for 24 months.

* EXPRESS is $995.00 down + 75/mo. for 12 months.

UFirst now has an optimizer package: a way to control all the variables, as well as special unique functions with your Money Merge Account™. (The optimizer is an additional $24.95/mo)

Semi Auto Pay: The Money Merge Account™ tells you (text message to your phone) when bills are due and asks if you want the program to pay them through an automated system. 1 for yes, 2 for no.

Auto Pay: The Money Merge Account™ can now move money for you as you direct it and then tell you when it’s been done.

Money Pathing: Dictate where the money will be taken from, set the paths and walk away.

Folders: Create your own folders for the program, such as savings, vacation, groceries, college funds, etc., and then assign what amounts get sent there.

Text Interaction: Ask the Money Merge Account™ information and have it respond to you instantly, such as how much money you have in a particular folder, or perhaps ask a true cost question and get it in front of your husband before he buys the BBQ Grill, or before the wife buys that 25th set of shoes.

BEST TIME TO BUY feature. Know when the best time is to buy ANYTHING, to save the most interest. The Money Merge Account™ will tell you your personal optimal point when to make the purchase, balancing out all your financial variables with what you’re already paying off.

Start and stop dates. Income, payments, you name it, all for perfect accuracy—just fill in and forget.

Multiple reports for every aspect of your needs/taxes.

Faster load time: it’s now an application, not a web based program.

Supports ANY platform:
Works with Windows.
Works with Mac.
Works with iPhone.

Can now show the POSITIVE affect of using your savings or cash flow, –savings, 401K, money market, etc.–with the ability to create an analysis a full year out, or two if you need to! Clients want to know what a decision would do? SHOW THEM.

“DOT” releases: Instead of new versions (5.0, 6.0) which come out after substantial periods of time, UFirst will now create “dot” releases instead (4.1, 4.2, etc.) a handful of which will be initiated and live before Christmas this year (2008).