January 18, 2008

Need Help Repairing Credit For The United First Financial Money Merge Account

I have been getting some emails recently from potential clients whos credit is preventing them from getting a Home Equity Line of Credit for the United First Financial Money Merge Account. So, to help out I decide to provide a Credit Repair Guide which was sent to me showing how to repair your credit. The Credit Repair Guide goes over step-by-step how to repair your credit and even has some sample letters to send the Credit Reporting Agencies.

You are more then welcome to download and use the Credit Repair Guide to help repair your credit on your own, but I am not responsible for anything that should happen by you using this guide. Also, if you don't have time to repair your credit on your own or have trouble, you might want to hire a company that does this for you. One good company to contact is Credit Financial Solutions, Inc. Here is their info:

Credit Financial Solutions, Inc.
John Grimm
4403 1st Ave. SE, Suite L3
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
877-294-6651 (toll free)

They can help get your credit repaired and then you are on your way to getting your HELOC for the United First Financial Money Merge Account. Hope this helps!