January 7, 2009


As some of you may know the founder of SUCCESS magazine is a huge advocate of United First Financial. We are now featured in the January addition of SUCCESS FROM HOME MAGAZINE. What an incredible opportunity to have our company now available on over 1,600 newsstands nationwide! How's that for credibility!

These magazines can be found at Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, but you have to hurry to be able to get your copy, they have already sold out in both book stores near our office in Delray Beach Fl. In each magazine you will find a video of what United First Financial is all about and how you can also look into the opportunity to be paid to help your friends, family members and even your clients to get out of debt! You have to take a look at some of these testimonials in this magazine.

My wife and I were just about to cry looking at some of the ways this company is changing lives all across the nation and now even in Canada. Here are a few case studies I would like to show you: These were all out of the SUCCESS FROM HOME MAGAZINE so I hope they do not mind me borrowing them. Here is what a few of our existing clients have to say about the Money Merge Account program.

“It made a huge difference in our life. We started four years ago with an $88,000 mortgage with 21 years left to pay. Using the software, we’ll own our home in February 2010.” – Gina Francis (That is only 1 year away, add the 4 years to that, they went from 21 years to 5 years! Wow

“In a year and a half, my mortgage has been paid down to $50,000. It is so much fun to see how much my equity has gone up from one month to the next. I actually look forward to receiving my mortgage payments in the mail, which is just preposterous” – Nancy Goldstein

“We started with a mortgage of $129,452, and today it’s $66,291 after using the Money Merge Account System for three years. It’s amazing to see how it reduces our principal balance and manages our budget in a way that we never could on our own. – Ben Hawkins

“Without the system, we’d only paid down our mortgage principal about $2,000 in two years. With the Money Merge Account system, we’ve paid down more than $20,000 in two years. What’s amazing is that our standard of living has not changed.” – Curtis and Jennifer Zachman