June 4, 2007

What Is The United First Financial Money Merge Account and How Does It Work?

Most homeowners realize they will pay about twice the purchase price of their home on a traditional mortgage—a mortgage that will take about 30 years to pay off.

Introducing a way to break that cycle of financial drain—the Money Merge Account from United First Financial. Developed by a team of financial experts with years of experience in the mortgage industry, the Money Merge Account rapidly reduces the principal of your mortgage, practically eliminating the interest from accruing on your loan. Your 30-year mortgage can now be paid off in about 8 to 11 years, with no change to your lifestyle or refinancing of your existing mortgage.

The Money Merge Account is not a bi-weekly payment or debt roll-down system. It’s an entirely new approach that gives homeowners flexibility with their money and complete financial freedom.

The Money Merge Account consists of three major components:

1. Your Existing Primary mortgage:

The existing mortgage on your home is the foundation for the Money Merge Account.

2. An Advanced Line of Credit (ALOC):

The Money Merge Account Program uses an advanced equity line of credit as a vehicle or a tool to drive the program. The equity line of credit must have the capacity to operate similarly to a primary checking account and be set up with an open-end interest calculation (rather than a closed-end interest calculation). Combined with the Money Merge Account's web-based system, this creates a formula in which the money in your line of credit account generates an interest cancellation on your primary mortgage.

3. Money Merge Account software:

The online Money Merge Account system makes a connection between your bank account, the advanced line of credit, and your primary mortgage. Each time you deposit income into your account, it registers as a decrease to your mortgage balance. By decreasing your mortgage balance, you now lower the balance on which interest accrues. By decreasing the balance on which interest accrues, you increase the portion of your monthly payment which is credited toward your principal pay down. The algorithms in the proprietary Money Merge Account system are systematically programmed to create the highest interest savings possible in the least amount of time.

How Does The Money Merge Account Work:

Money Merge Account
To Become Mortgage Free is as easy as 1...2...3

1. Deposit Your Paycheck: Deposit your paycheck into your current checking and/or savings account. As soon as the funds clear, the amount you designate is transferred from your checking and/or savings account into your Money Merge Account managed line of credit. Because the line of credit is connected to your home, the money transferred from your checking and/or savings accounts decreases your mortgage balance, thus reducing the balance in which interest builds.

2. Pay Your Bills: Throughout the month, you pay your bills using your Money Merge Account managed line of credit. With this account, money is immediately available through checks, debit cards, and ATMs. The amount left after bills have been paid remains against the balance of your mortgage until you need it, keeping your mortgage balance as low as possible, further reducing mortgage interest charges.

3. Follow the system: Follow the promptings of the online Money Merge Account system to maximize your savings and pay your mortgage off as quickly as possible.