September 27, 2007

United First Financial Money Merge Account Requirements

I have been getting a lot of emails lately, probably because this blog is now #3 on Google for the keyword Money Merge Account. Anyway, most of the emails are questions asking what are the requirements for someone to get started on the Money Merge Account? Well, let me get that question answered for you.

1. A person needs to be able to qualify for the Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or a credit line with similar features, therefore, you have to have pretty decent credit. The HELOC must have the following features:
a. Has to be a variable loan
b. Has to have interest only payments
c. Has to apply payments daily
d. Has to have check writing/debit capabilities
e. CANNOT have automatic payments taken from your checking account

2. You have to have some equity in the property. People who owe more then their property is currently worth cannot use the Money Merge Account UNLESS they have another property with equity in it for them to get the HELOC. Yes, you can use a HELOC from a different property to payoff another, even one that is not yours (pretty cool don't you think).

3. You have an Internet connection since the Money Merge Account is a web-based software. If you are viewing this blog, then I think it is safe to say you already have an Internet connection.

4. You have to run a Money Merge Account Analysis to see if they program will be beneficial to you and how much of a HELOC you will need.

That is basically it, I know you were expecting more, but truth be told, the Money Merge Account really isn't a difficult program to qualify obtain. If you have any questions, please email me at or call me at 561.756.4279.